Milled Portrait

How to make a valcromat face?

In this exercise, it is expected to digitally design and fabricate in a Valcromat Panel and to explore the material effects that can emerge from the articulation between design, fabrication and material parameters.
With this surface as a case study we explore a specific material effect that will come out of the design strategies for surface design and/or curve pattern developed in Rhinoceros and also the definition of both the tool and machining path geometries in RhinoCAM, the composition of the material sandwich.

In order to define our work, we want to create an image, a ‘’pop art’’ portrait using the 3 colours (that will be the three layer of the valchromat panel). Our purpose was the design of this abstract portrait will come both from our own design and especially from the material effects and the capabilities of the machine. During the production process we found out that with this material (Valcromat Panel) the design follows the fabrication.

Read the instructions on the following images!

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