A.2 Track my Track


Being all students at IaaC, it is no surprise that many of us share very similar living patterns including the ways in which we move around in this small beautiful city. Nonetheless, we mostly come from different parts of the world bringing along our personal tastes of place, commuting habits and preferences.

Living in the same area in Barcelona (Born), it was of interest to us (Sinem, Stephanie and Akanksha R.) to compare tracks over a short period of few days in an attempt to draw some information regarding our commuting and maneuvering patterns in Barcelona.

Using different Apps, we exported data in .gpx format to be later on extracted as individual input parameters to be visualized in a variety of ways. The track points have been mapped and scaled in reference to 2 points of relevance (Santa Caterina Market and IaaC). Information such as speed was visualized in the form of vertical lines and juxtaposed in the form of growing circles for comparative purposes.










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