Bicing users V.S unemployment rate in Barcelona



Relating to our studio topic of Global warming, we began researching the amount gas emissions within Barcelona. Therefore, we began researching the amount of bicing users in comparison to the unemployment rate according to each district within Barcelona. In order to discover how the city is combating this issue of co2 gas emission, we began to research how effective the bicing system actually is. In order to collect the data to determine which districts of Barcelona had the most bicing users, we collected data form the website. Through this research, it became evident that the districts with the most bicing users, (being Example and Saint Marti) was due to their location and residence. Interesting relations where drawn as nou barris and Cicutat Vella where the districts which showed the highest rates of unemployment. The collected data was then converted into an excel spreadsheet, which was then imported into Rhino and Grasshopper in order to be visualised.








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