These visualisations try to develop relationships between different sunsigns by mapping the number of common words found in between them from the data set of the most commonly found words in online horoscopes. The data set was collected from 22,000 different samples and by visualising the common words we can see similarities and dissimilarities in between.


Here you can see all the individual Charts.

These twelve charts study one sunsign’s relationship with all the others. After the number of common words are computed they are rearranged in ascending order and used to make a polar chart which gives a particular zodiac sign’s relationship with all the other ones. On the top part of each chart we can see the extreme values of the chart. For example for Aries we can see that it has maximum number of words in common with Capricorn and minimum with Taurus.

chartfinal copy

This is a comprehensive diagram not only showing the signs that have maximum and minimum words in common with one particular sign but also we can follow one line and see at what position it lies in relation to other signs in other charts. For example we can start with Aquarius and see that with Aries it is second after Capricorn, with Cancer the highest with capricorn third and with Gemini the second lowest and so on.

part 2DOTS

This diagram shows two levels of co-relations. For example we can see that Cancer has a high number of common words with Aquarius but we can also very easily see that that number is higher than the values between other relationships.



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