The amount of rehabilitated housing  in comparison to the number- age of unemploymnet according to each district in Barcelona.We aim to find he cities with the high number of  work activities to be able to improve the urban rehabilitation.

Covering 41 county of Barcelona Data.



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Unemployed population by county.

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Rehabilitated Housing


Rehabilitated Housing

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After analyzing the records of the unemployed population in each region of Catalonia, we were able to identify a pattern of very high unemployment in the entire coastal area , unlike the central and northern Catalonia. Especially stand three neighboring counties ( Vallés Oriental, Vallés Occidental and Maresme). According to the same statistics in the coastal zone is where most job opportunities are, so the index of employees is higher, that means that the worker conditions are inefficient (Salaries, bonuses, insurance), causing the most amount of work stoppages in the region. Analyzing the records of start housing rehabilitation, show a very similar pattern across Catalonia, except for 3 cases ( Vallés Occidental , Baix Llobregat and Tarragonés ) where the amount of housing rehabilitation was well above average. With the analysis of such data we found a relationship between the number of households who begin their rehabilitation with the number of unemployed people, in both cases , the most relevant data are given in the coast, and in both cases the Vallés Occidental coincided with the maximum values of the analysis. Therefore we could conclude that the working conditions are not the most optimal possible once hired employees, in this case for housing rehabilitation.



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