A.3 Retrofitting of Iaac Roof


Iaac’s roof top is currently not used and infact is a source of heat-island effect as there are no measure taken to use the roof as a terrace/ garden or as a source to generate energy. One of the projects proposed was bcn URBAN TERRACES 2012, yet it was a temoporaty project. After research about new technologies for materials and light structures, the new porposal is to define a shading devise and a source of energy at the same time. In order to achieve that, a study was made about the materials and firstly, and the location/positioning of this structure. Using Geco + Galapagos+ grasshopper, a study was performed about the optimal position of the shading material to provide the highest amount of daylight factor.


Geco plugin was used to calculate the total radiation analysis from Ecotect and import the data to the surface creacted in grasshopper. The idea was to optimize the position of the textile hence locate the PV panels to optimize there efficiency. After several attempt over galapagos, this position was the optimal. a



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