Textile structure for Barcelona area using Kangaroo, Geco and Galapagos.

The task was to use Galapagos to optimize a shape using evolucionary computation, for that I design a textile structure to provide shade and cover in an area in the City of Barcelona. For a more accurate shape I used Kangaroo to apply gravity forces in the structure and stiffness for the springs that support the textile.

I´ve also used Geco plugin to calculate the total radiation analysis from Ecotect and imported to my Rhino surface, The idea was to optimize the position of the textile and stiffness of the springs to give more shade to pedestrians placing the fabric in a position that will block more radiation.


 Parameters considered:

- Total radiation (all year)

- Gravity forces

- Spring stiffness

- Weather file from barcelona

444gravvvvv  structure





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