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Retrofitting IaaC


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Here is a link , with track of the students of IaaC for a day , to understand the movement of students with diverse cultural background.It was carried out with the direct, voluntary and conscious participation of the students . From the data we can see that most of them would pass by the touristic zone but it was just a transition as most of their destination especially during weekdays was just residential area. This map helps to understand the nodes at which their was maximum and minimum movement and the path .



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Foreign Nationals/ Household

Suite Life. "Top 5 Barcelona Neighborhoods." Accessed February 10, 2014.

Our investigation focuses on tourism, specifically on the positive and negative effects it has in Barcelona. Therefore, as a matter of this topic, we have had to study the foreign nationals that have settled in the city; being the top majority Pakistan, Chinese and Italian.

With the data used for this assignment, we can now compare the number of households in 11 selected neighborhoods of Barcelona and how many of these dwell foreign nationals.

Not only can we know the amount of households with foreigners, but also how many of them are in each home.

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