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3D Printing

The project consist in the design and manufacturing of a piece which had to fit within a cylindrical bounding box of 49.5 mm diameter and 200 mm height. It was necessary to respect a central core consisting of a 3mm thick tube with a 3.75mm radius hollow space at its center.

The principal aim was the structural and material optimization, working primarily in an anticlockwise direction.

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Group-12 Milling

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MIMIC VOID PYRAMIDS | Group 21 – Digital Fabrication | 01. Laser Cut

A parametric formation of the mimic prototypes, that it’s receiving the light by a different bigger component like a gravity center and an attraction point just in the golden section of the hexagon. The prototypes rotation angle, it’s 45 degrees to achieve the clear straight view from the source of light, through 3 alignment points, human eye, prototypes like a first layer and the grid like a second layer.

Alaa Jazairi                                               Nasr Chamma                                                Urte Naujekaite

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