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3D printing – Group 04

We decided to work with a voronoi mesh created in grasshopper, due to its high potential to generate organic structures which flexibility could easily adapt both to the shape of our tower previously defined on rhino and  to the general steel structure of the 5 meters tower.


Alejandra Díaz de León Lastras / Robert Garita Garita / José Manuel Reyes

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Grow your brick on someone else’s brick

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Group03_Grow your Brick

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Group 1_Laser Cutting

The assignment consisted in fabricating, through the laser cutting machine, a installation that  should fit a hexagon of approximately 1 meter width.

The installation had to be visually connected to the light entrance of the window located in IAAC’s administration office. The material assigned, was polypropylene, 0.8 mm width, opaque orange color.

Once, the group started to work with the material, we realized how flexible it was, so in order to stabilize it, for the scale of the hexagon, we developed the concept of a fabric, with “x” and “y” axis.

The process of design was complex mostly because of its joinery.

Finally, the fabric ended up having only one axis, with parameters assigned to each piece of it, for accomplish the light direction objective. Each piece had female-male parts, so that the joinery would succeed to create a stable fabric.


Group 1: Alejandra Diaz de Leon, Juan Diego Ardila, Gabriela Gonzales Faria

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