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Group 2_3D Printing

The project consisted in creating a model for 3D printing a piece of 200 x 100 mm.

During the first phase, the group tried to connect the points that were given, into a structure that created notorious vertical triangles, that were connected at the top and bottom, to the vertical beam.

The second phase, started after talking to the professors, when we realized that the structure of the piece needed to be reinforced because of its fragile materiality, it scale, and because our group is almost at the bottom of the installation, the piece would be supporting the rest of the other pieces.

Therefore, the width of the connector points was amplified, also the width of the pipes, and the simple vertical triangles, became a sort of molecular structure, that attached every vertical piece four times to the vertical beam.

Group 2: Surag Viswanathan, Yousef Al Nafisi and Gabriela Gonzales Faria

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Group 1_Bricks

The assignment consists in developing milling techniques that would affect the molds for the brick, through “RhinoCAM” plug-in.

The group tried most of the tools and finally, developed the following strategies: 1. Horizontal roughing, for all. 2. Two parallel finishings, at the direction of 45 and 135 degrees. 3. Finally, parallel finishing for the plane parts of the molds.

The final molds have the texture of positive points, that after being casted, print themselves as voids, creating the texture of fabric.

Because of the group being the first one of the batch, the mold given by us, was the curviest.

Therefore, during the casting process, two bricks would come off broken of the molds.

After experimenting with gauze, which resulted evident in the final texture of one brick, the group discovered that what needed to be adjusted was the technique for taking the bricks out of the molds.

Group 1: Georgios Soutos, Miguel Landinez and Gabriela Gonzales Faria

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Group 1_Brick competition

The group developed a proposal that was similar to the eggs carton object.

It was developed trough the “Polyhedra” plug-in for Rhino, and then simplified in order to solve the joinery of the pieces. Originally, the idea was to create one brick per mold.

The location proposed, was the area between the IAAC’s lecture space and the Fab Lab working area, in order to create a facade for the Fab Lab (“amuse bouche” concept) and to divide virtually both spaces.

The material proposed was paper pulp, which is a simply and well-known technique of work. Since considerable amount of material was wasted in the previous exercise, we proposed to create a sustainable cycle for the production of the bricks.

Group 1: Georgios Soutos, Miguel Landinez and Gabriela Gonzales Faria

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Group 1_Laser Cutting

The assignment consisted in fabricating, through the laser cutting machine, a installation that  should fit a hexagon of approximately 1 meter width.

The installation had to be visually connected to the light entrance of the window located in IAAC’s administration office. The material assigned, was polypropylene, 0.8 mm width, opaque orange color.

Once, the group started to work with the material, we realized how flexible it was, so in order to stabilize it, for the scale of the hexagon, we developed the concept of a fabric, with “x” and “y” axis.

The process of design was complex mostly because of its joinery.

Finally, the fabric ended up having only one axis, with parameters assigned to each piece of it, for accomplish the light direction objective. Each piece had female-male parts, so that the joinery would succeed to create a stable fabric.


Group 1: Alejandra Diaz de Leon, Juan Diego Ardila, Gabriela Gonzales Faria

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