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3D printing – Group 04

We decided to work with a voronoi mesh created in grasshopper, due to its high potential to generate organic structures which flexibility could easily adapt both to the shape of our tower previously defined on rhino and  to the general steel structure of the 5 meters tower.


Alejandra Díaz de León Lastras / Robert Garita Garita / José Manuel Reyes

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IAAC Fabrication Class – Exercise 2. CNC Milling Machine

The second digital fabrication exercise will be focused in the design of a construction brick module, the fabrication of its mold, and the process of casting the parts to construct a three dimensional wall, which will be generating a spatial installation in the IAAC building. This wall will be a performance itself, and will be constructed as long as bricks are produced.

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Group 05 / Brick Design

The aim of the exercise is to explore 3 dimensional manufacturing processes by the use of the
CNC milling machine, and the development of molds for casting pieces.

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Group 19 Bending / Digital Fabrications

The aim was to use bending in order to create variations in the component. The organic shape of the component enables us to create different variations with a one single component. The joinery detail is simple but at the same time efficient which keeps the whole assembly intact within the hexagon.

Mauricio F Valenzuela Lanzas                    Robert Francisco Garita Garita                    Taruni Aggarwal

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