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Exercise 3, Rapid Prototyping / 3d Printing-Group 23

The main idea of the project was to optimize the amount of material needed to 3d print the object, retaining structural stability and strength. That is why the number of connections between top and bottom points are limited. Read More »

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Hexagon – Light Diffuser

The concept was to create a light diffuser that would allow diffused light to penetrated whilst reducing glare. The hexagon was subdivided into its most basic form, a triangular grid which the design would be based upon. Within this grid one component was created which can be modifies according to the direction of light creating a sight specific design that would allow light to penetrate from one direction while diffusing it in all others. Three-way connections were created between adjoining triangles and a zipper like joinery for the portruding elements. Visually the design is supposed to mimic the rays of light penetrating into the room.

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