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ORGANIC BRICK | Group 11 – Digital Fabrication | 03. Mold Design CNC Machine

With the inspiration of Lamella System, the morphology of the design became more organic; to achieve a natural texture that makes all bricks looks with a unique form.

By using the CNC machine, the work was on 3 steps for 3 different layers that all related together to give the final form of the Mold.

Joe Galea                                                   Maria Kuptsova                                                     Nasr Chamma

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OBLIQUE STRUCTURE TOWER | Group 10 – Digital Fabrication | 04. 3D Print

An oblique structural system that it’s transferring the load in two different ways, internal one by the middle core supported with a vertical columns around it and external one by the trusses on elevations, and both related with 6 levels of beams that it’s changing the angle in the inner void from the top till the bottom depending on the height in the tower, to give at the end a very high stability for the entire form.

Aldo Sollazzo                                         Nasr Chamma                                     Giannakopoulous Sofoklis

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ORGANIC BRICK | Group 11 – Digital Fabrication | 02. Brick Wall Design

Lamella, investigates the possibility of designing as well as physically producing free-form interlinked structures based on multiple dependencies and also opening up the possibilities of nonlinear blocks systems, to get different phases formed by the C16EO6/water system

By altering the configuration of angles between segments, each element tries to orient its segments towards their neighbors.

The brick wall can play three different functions at the same time, plus it gives different spatial qualities to the space due to its both different faces, one side to the conference room, and the other to the public area to be adding this parametric mimic brick formation by the inspiration of Lamella system.

Joe Galea                                                   Maria Kuptsova                                                     Nasr Chamma

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MIMIC VOID PYRAMIDS | Group 21 – Digital Fabrication | 01. Laser Cut

A parametric formation of the mimic prototypes, that it’s receiving the light by a different bigger component like a gravity center and an attraction point just in the golden section of the hexagon. The prototypes rotation angle, it’s 45 degrees to achieve the clear straight view from the source of light, through 3 alignment points, human eye, prototypes like a first layer and the grid like a second layer.

Alaa Jazairi                                               Nasr Chamma                                                Urte Naujekaite

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