A.1 Barcelona Case Study

1 63.9% was the employment rate in Barcelona for the year 2013, 8% higher than that of Spain. More than half of the job opportunities are knowledge intensive, and the city is a hub for these jobs in Catalonia. Is there a link between the higher education employment and the specific districts of Barcelona?

Brief Study about Barcelona’s condition

On the other hand, the Scorcard on the Prosperity 2013- which compares 24 large, competitive world ciites- puts Barcelona as the fourth most attractive city for workers, and the 16th in global prosperity. So where does this put Barcelona on the level of investing this attractiveness in the education field, and how does this vary between districts? These information raise several questions such as: what is the correlation between the micro-economy of each district with the employment rate and eventually the education level.

Here is the data visualization of the districts, employment rate and population. 3

Highest population (represented by scale): Sant Androu District

Highest unemployment among districts (represented by color range): Nou Barris District  45

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