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Frame bend optimization

In our studio project research we are using contracting shape memory alloy wires to bend frame panels. Flexinol is a brand name for a specifically programmed shape memory alloy that contracts by 4.5% when heated to a specific temperature and then returns to its initial length. In our case, a flexinol wire connects two points [...]

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Barcelona by foot, skate, bike

Abstract: It is nowdays possible to track your own everyday movements through GPS technologies. This can be used to improve the efficiency of your transportation, saving you precious time. It is possible to compare several means of transport and perhaps, choose the ones that are healthier such as walking, bicycles, skate board, roller skaters, etc. [...]

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Suspension bridges’ span

Bridges have always been a challenge for engineers. Over the course of history, bridges are advancing technologically, both in terms of structural design and in terms of materials, allowing for bigger span lengths.

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