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Calabi–Yau_Theoretical Physics of Methane Behaviour

  HIGH DENSITY ENERGY STORAGE USING SELF-ASSEMBLED MATERIALS The assignment is related to our methane research for the Self Sufficient studio. The challenge of this exercise is to propose an approach in theoretical design of material at the atomic scale that can maximize the amount of stored of methane in a given volume. The methane [...]

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  Having tracked myself for several weekdays I realized that the path I am taking every day is virtually identical, thus I decided to visualize data from the only day of past week which followed a different route, a saturday. While the data set that I was able to extract from iPhone app MyTracks was [...]

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Mongolia_Hidden Methane Time Bomb

    Global climate change is one of the most important issues facing modern society. Global mean surface air temperatures have increased approximately 0.68C over the past century resulting in the retreat of glaciers, thawing of permafrost and sea ice, increase in river discharge and alteration of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in ways that demand [...]

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