Prismatic facets_Group 18_Digital Fabrication#2 Bricks

The initial idea evolved from metal studs on jackets representing the undying age of Rock n’ Roll. The square pyramid unit was altered into an off-centered triangular pyramid to achieve more permutations of arrangement. The units are equilateral triangles with grove for wide end flanges (located at center of each sides). This allows for random arrangement of the blocks without any set rules. As demonstrated through the images,
the triangles can be slided over one another with the help of slide-in dowels freely in any permutation. Also, the joinery helps to support the unit from all side, also allowing for omission of blocks to create openings in the wall The idea was to demonstrate use of a very simple unit that can be repeated to get various altering patterns. This projects the wall made of random complex geometry and eliminates the existence of single units. Thus, giving a continuous pattern of prisms.
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