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Group 2_3D Printing

The project consisted in creating a model for 3D printing a piece of 200 x 100 mm. During the first phase, the group tried to connect the points that were given, into a structure that created notorious vertical triangles, that were connected at the top and bottom, to the vertical beam. The second phase, started [...]

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Group 1_Bricks

The assignment consists in developing milling techniques that would affect the molds for the brick, through “RhinoCAM” plug-in. The group tried most of the tools and finally, developed the following strategies: 1. Horizontal roughing, for all. 2. Two parallel finishings, at the direction of 45 and 135 degrees. 3. Finally, parallel finishing for the plane [...]

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Group 1_Brick competition

The group developed a proposal that was similar to the eggs carton object. It was developed trough the “Polyhedra” plug-in for Rhino, and then simplified in order to solve the joinery of the pieces. Originally, the idea was to create one brick per mold. The location proposed, was the area between the IAAC’s lecture space [...]

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