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Digital Fabrication | Exercise 3 -Tree -D Print

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Group 04 | Tactile Tectonics

Tactile Tectonics Senses provide humans a framework to observe and under- stand the world around us. In understanding the human’s approach to experience through the senses we found our cnc milling strategy. One sense that we wanted to utilize with our cnc milling strategy is touch. One can recognize the importance of touch as a [...]

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Group 04 | Bri-can-puz

Bri(ck)Can(vas)Puz(zle) We understood that each group hoped to create an original proposition so we chose to create a brick that could embody this originality itself and become an canvas for each group to create their own creations within. The canvas-brick had to behave like a brick; so it had to retain the stack-ability, ease of [...]

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Group 4 – Competition – cnc;molding;brick

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