Having tracked myself for several weekdays I realized that the path I am taking every day is virtually identical, thus I decided to visualize data from the only day of past week which followed a different route, a saturday. While the data set that I was able to extract from iPhone app MyTracks was rather scarce( it did not have any altitude information, readings were taken rather sporadically even at 30-second track pace, it did show quite accurately the essence of the route I followed. The route is not repeating itself, as it reflects my movement on a bike around the central part of Barcelona, with the most time spent nearby Placa Catalunya where I also did some off-bike activities.


Through this self-tracking exercised I have learned several things:

\\ it is worth purchasing apps to collect consistent clean data rather than using free software

\\ frequency of data sample collection must be thoroughly correlated with the means of transportation used the most

\\ the absence of Z-coordinate in the data set takes away from understanding ones movement in a city with great topography like Barcelona


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