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Reflections after “Close to the Body”


By Esdi Televisió

When Marina Castan asked me if i would like to be part of this project i coudn’t imagine how important it could be for my future, and i think that my friend and project partner, Anna Garcia Masfret, will agree on that. We are truly grateful that Marina chose us to participate.

We didn’t know how we’d be working during these three weeks, and, to be honest, the first contact with this new way of projecting based on experience was difficult for us, but at the end it’s been a really enriching experience.
We never thought about designing a garment depending on body’s movement, it was only a measures issue. After “Close to the Body” workshop we’ve realised that there are many different ways to project, and that we have to find our private one by experimenting.
It was a pleasure to work with Sietske Klooster and Eunjeong Jeon during the first week. They had the most difficult part in the process because they were introducing the new process, and without their help we wouldn’t have been as happy with our final project as we are.
Introducing technology to our project was like trying to understand chinese. We are fashion students and we didn’t know how to work with all the material that Martijn ten Bhömer and Eva Deckers were showing us. We wanna thank them their help and pacience, cause Illuminum wouldn’t have been real if they hadn’t been with us during the second week.
The final project, Illuminum, came to live thanks to Kristi Kuusk and Marina Toeters who made us think and guided us until we found something we really liked. They helped us to clearly define the concept and to end our prototype and the final presentation. They were present at all times if we needed assistance. We really appreciate your presence.
We also want to thank Marina Castan and Oscar Tomico for their help throughout the process and to bring such wonderful professionals. A huge thank you to Joan Sànchez, who helped us with the programming, and also to Carlos Gómez and Xavi Gonzalez for doing such an interesting work at IAAC, we hope to visit you soon.
Finally we want to thank the students of the MAI, you have treated us so well during these weeks, we hope to see you soon.
Mireia Playà Faus & Anna Garcia Masfret
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