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Intelligence, disabilities and health.

Applications, benefits and relations between: 1/Intelligence,
2/Disabilities and 3/Health.

Smart citizen platform/system could convert in a way of
relevant information. It could improve the quality of life as
well as the citizen security.

1/Smart citizen platform could be assistant tool for police and
intelligence services.
It could convert in a special data capture
for solving criminal acts and robberies. In this sense, smart
citizen platform could become in an accurate tool. It could
inform about temperature changes, moisture changes or light

2/Smart citizen platform could be assistant tool for people with
A symbolic examples could be: A person with a
visual disabilities could Know the weather in your neighborhood
using the smart citizen platform.
Somebody with an olfactory handicap could not detect some
strange smell as well as a strange situation. The fire smell could
be detected by the smart citizen sensors. In this way, it would
be a skillful informative tool for people with disabilities.

3/Smart citizen platform could be assistant tool for nurses and
They could know the moisture, temperature and other
city-life concepts. Then nurses and doctors could advise about
life habits, life behaviour or adequate travels.

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Smart-Citizen-Research-What is Smart in Smart City

Smart City is a term that has sprang up  in the last few decades. This blog deals with the question and the idea of being smart and  What makes a city smart? is it it’s inhabitant or it’s technological advanced services, and how do these services contribute to our overall urban life.

Before reading futher watch these video or this video

The most surprising thing among many  in this video was that “31 billion questions are asked to google every month. In 2006 it was only 2.7 billion” . This clearly tells us to what extent and at what speed the internet is become a mecca of data. The desire to gather quick and meaningful answer to our questions has become the new success and a  major culmination point in our daily life.

This is were the idea or the concept of being smart means.  Many cities, companies or communities are coming up with ever more smart  and intelligent ways to provide answers to the people (over the internet) at a quick and easy to understand manner. so that the person viewing the information can come to a conclusion. Since these conclusions shape up our daily  life, hence it is ok to  related it with the  concept of smart city.There are six catogorise.

There is a ranking system of cities that provides it’s citizen such smart service (link). In this link you can check out which city is where in ranking, and the services that it provides to its inhabitant. These service  basically revolve around six categories.


Many companies like IBM, Cisco and etc are using this arrangements. IBM is a good example to quote. It provides many interesting smart solution to people ranging from banking to risk management. Here is the link to it site.

Here are couples of example on video




So now we return to our question “What is Smart in a Smart City” . There is a nicely written article  on this topic (link)  and the urban revolution that it would bring with it (link).

There is also a not so smart side to this smart city(link).

Conclusion & Proposal:

  • Since there are going to be alot and alot of date. It is very impotent to translate these data into a productive action of our life.
  • People could make their own tools that gathers information.
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introductory of smart net studio

This Friday we had introductory lecture of our first studio. Xavi Gonzalez and Tomas Diez presented smart citizen platform that was created and developed in Fab Lab Barcelona. It is an open source project created to generate participatory processes of the people in the cities.

Presentation was followed by smart cities panel discussion about network data, urban space and human behaviors. And concluded with lecture given by Tony Brey, founder of  Urbiotica – company that operates smart environment solutions.

some links related with projects presented during lectures:

Community and collaboration makes cities the driving force. Sharing common values is the way to create better environment and move forward. It should be exiting to contribute this project and reveal new patterns of building smart society.

photos by Lucas De Sordi

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