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2012 12 21

Well, the world didn’t end just because someone has good connections up there. In fact the last Friday before holidays we were testing sound recording possibilities in sound design studio together with Carlos Gomez. Carlos brought umbrella and couple of microphones. Microphones placed on the rod and pointed to umbrella’s inner hood made it work as reflecting [...]

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Intelligence, disabilities and health.

Applications, benefits and relations between: 1/Intelligence, 2/Disabilities and 3/Health. Smart citizen platform/system could convert in a way of relevant information. It could improve the quality of life as well as the citizen security. 1/Smart citizen platform could be assistant tool for police and intelligence services. It could convert in a special data capture for solving [...]

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Smart-Citizen-Research-What is Smart in Smart City

Smart City is a term that has sprang up  in the last few decades. This blog deals with the question and the idea of being smart and  What makes a city smart? is it it’s inhabitant or it’s technological advanced services, and how do these services contribute to our overall urban life. Before reading futher watch these video or [...]

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