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A Scenario to think upon !!

Having a 2 years experience in practical field of architecture in India, the academic knowledge we share during our 5 years bachelors is completely different from that we come across in our working style, its not about technical aspects of the architecture but the approach to the project. As in our bachelors course of architecture we have economic as a subject were we been taught how a projects responds to a particular context were it respond to the users in and around the building it might be at a micro level or urban level. Architecture in India is a sway from the western culture, its more of statement of architect’s perspective than context based approach. Though sustainability in architecture is not an alien thing but in the roots in old Indian Architecture.
In India we have paradox perspective in architecture were some relate to define architecture for the people were as some are just driven away to increase the cost of construction and getting out with whole some percentage of amount from it. From my personal perspective main part of sustainability starts once the building is constructed , it should be made self sustainable for entire life span of the building and also design in such a way so it can inculcate new inventions. The west is no place to look for inspirations or solutions. We will have to evolve our own patterns of development and physical growth, our own methods and materials of construction and our own expression of foregoing. This realization should create a sense of vacuum and because of the poignancy of the feeling of vacuum, architects should start looking in different directions for various answers. It is the contention of these farsighted that we architects, with a hard nosed realism, that in such kinds of dense developments, with simple methods of construction and conventional low cost materials, when laid out in a planned manner, that we will find the answer urban housing for our really poor masses.Prefabrication has potential in large scale housing, large span structures and industrial buildings on anywhere were repetitive units can be employed. But so far in India, industrialization of the building industry has not made great headway for lack of technological infrastructures to support it, therefore its influence is only limited to fascination of imagery. However, one aspect of technology that can be successfully applied in architecture is invention and manufacture of new building materials from industrial waste to replace the traditional building materials like steel and cement of which there are tremendous shortages.

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