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Happiness and Architecture

It is very tempting to seduce ourselves, as architects or as anybody keen on architecture or otherwise involved in the design process that the answer to our problems lies with buildings. Do you actually believe you can separate buildings out from the infrastructure of cities and mobility of transit and the expectations and incentives of people?

It is undeniable that architecture has a certain contribution to the problems that we face today. Architecture creates a sense of place of a city. We can recognize a city by just looking at the architecture. It is an intimate relationship between human and architecture. We travel from one building to another and eventually the one that we call a ‘home’ to reside. It is a sense of belonging that supports the expectations and incentives of the inhabitants. The way the buildings are designed and placed in a city can project a potentially huge impact on the society. As the logics of ‘Emergence’ indicates, how people use the infrastructure and various elements in the city (which is affected by the buildings around) and produce ‘swarm behaviour’ is the base of a successful metropolitan. The result is doomed to be slow and almost impossible to discern in a short term. Unfortunately with the development of technology in most of the urban cities nowadays, we get so much of ‘advancement’ that we skip a lot of connections that form the basis of a healthy

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