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Economics of Sustainability. Gonzalo Delacámara.

Comments based on the questions of the blog post “Architecture & Happiness”

Mixed Use 2

“The diversity and mixed use of the space  for increased the diversity of the city, in order to create new activities and typologies”

Diagram of Mixed Use of the Space, by Trinidad Gómez and Miguel Juárez.

With the past of the time, the word “sustainability” have changed depending on the place in which will be developed or because of the people that is applying this concept; this way of thinking has always existed, people from faraway communities, little towns or without enough resources, have always been self-sufficiency and have found several ways to live only with what they have in the surrounding space;  the only thing that have changed is that in the modern era took a great importance and the architects, urban developers or anyone involved in the design process, tried to apply into a big scale, like cities, thanks to this, buildings, communities, colonies, and every kind of new infrastructure, began to be designed with new materials, technologies and resources; the problem that surged after this new development, was that the plus value of the buildings increased and it only could be affordable for people with highs amount of money, besides that almost all of this projects were made in super expensive areas.  Read More »

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