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Know Thyself

To face such a theme, in an economy class in an architecture school, I don’t feel suitable enough both as a student of the latter one, and even if I had deep bases of economic knowledge; it’s hard and annoying speaking as a single person in a moment like this, and it is likewise spending words instead than actions about our continuous, but distant and conflicting, with the sustainability. Unfortunately the sustainability is a recent problem, or at least is very recent the frequency with which we use this word, and it is approached as a branch of various disciplines; but the true is that talking about it I find hard making an architectural, scientific, or whatever speech, because I see the investigation of causes and consequences of it as something totally philosophical. I see philosophy on it because is from the human kind, in the human thinking resides the virus of an illness, of which the sustainability is the therapy, and which seems to be just contained and controlled, but hardly stopped or healed; and even if we want to speak as architects, economists, biologists, we know that behind all these figures reside, first of all, human thoughts and behaviors. The growth we are proud of, the extreme development in which our present is plunged, and the deep unsustainability in which these conditions coexist, can be analyzed and shared in different disciplines, in different periods, divided in positive and negative meanings, where the formers are always more, but what is just clear, uniquely sure, is that everything we call present is nothing more than what we have been building and how we have been expressing ourselves and our nature with our wellbeing as the main and only goal to follow.

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