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As architects tend to see things holistically, I think focusing on buildings instead of urban infrastructure is like working on a detail of a wind for example. Building planning is a detail of a bigger plan, in that case urban infrastructure. Even though architects do not design cities as a whole, the tend to connect the urban environment to the building itself or even focus more and connect to components and details of the building. So my thinking is that the connection between urban environments and buildings is not a first degree connection but architects tend to achieve it and try to shape the bigger picture with smaller parts.


Why people tend to think that a profitable project for a developer, does not have a good impact to the community warfare? My opinion is that people tend to look things superficially and locally, not holistically. A better change in the economy of a community in my opinion is strongly based on how holistically people thing. To elaborate, people think that a profitable project for a developer has a good impact only on the developer itself. If people would think more holistically, they would think the impacts of all of the decisions the developer took and the impact all of those actions had in the community.

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