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Do you believe in a Utopic world? Yes, I do



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  • Do you actually believe you can separate buildings out from the infrastructure of cities and mobility of transit and the expectations and incentives of people?
  • Why do people tend to believe that what is financially profitable (for developers) is not actually equivalent to economically feasible (positive impacts on social welfare)?
  • How would you show that this does not necessarily have to be like this (but rather the opposite)?


Clearly is currently necessary to create infrastructure solutions that help to satisfy different social purposes far apart from the buildings, but it is equally clear that there is an urgent need to generate architecture more aware of the present global situation.

As architects it is imminent to think in “green” and generate architecture that goes beyond than a lonely building and achieve merge with the environment, becoming environmentally responsible buildings that can realize a significant change and contribute to the achievement of a sustainable future and ensure this a way that future generations enjoy continued access to natural resources. Read More »

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