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Vision creating value


The Employee

There is an invisible ghost in economic values, wich you cannot experience every second but in the end you feel its impacts somehow. Cannot see it because it in the 4th dimension: “TIME”. It makes you magically save money, or evaporates money. You get your salary, the beginning of the month you see little expenses not important, buying an extra drink, having a pack of cigarettes, going to a bit more expensive restaurant, they are alright if you see a big number in your bank account every time. This psychological effect makes us in small scale thinking that we are doing fine. At one point it starts to feel insecure and then we start to se the fact : 7o percent of the salary is gone in 6 days. And there put on the brakes trying to recover from the situation and may be get in debt, if something goes wrong. A microscale example of what goes wrong all the time: forgetting the time dimension with all inputs.

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