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Be aware of the impact that our designs cause to our living environment

As a Civil Engineer and MAA student I think that a project needs to be studied from the sum of all of it´s parts so that it can become a whole. Our role is to design according to the necessities of the environment and space that we are about to transform, not just by changing it, but by creating a better place for the users, without affecting the environment itself.

While designing a new project or development we have to think of how it will affect the environment in which we live. Changing the environment doesn’t necessarily mean to damage it, and this is the most important assignment of the constructor, think in terms of social welfare and positive impacts without letting aside the economic viability of the project.

I think that we could achieve this by combining the fast and slow thinking process that Daniel Kahneman presented. The fast thinking helps us take decisions regarding to our professional and personal life experiences, getting to simple and logical conclusions, while the slow thinking let us submerge into a more profound analysis of the problems that are presented to us during all the stages of the design and construction of a project.

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