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The Politics of sustainable architecture

It is easy to see the solution in all of our problems within buildings, but to call it the only solution would be ignorant. This perspective is black and white in the sense that a city needs buildings to create negative space, which in other words is infrastructure. Within This negative space there are a variety of layers that make up the urban context. These layers consist of roads, pedestrians, sidewalks, landscape, and buildings (public/private) that when woven together make up the urban fabric. Each layer needs the other for it to function properly. Most people’s perception of a city can be physical as buildings clearly dominate skylines and are overwhelming to the human size. We tend to forget about our surroundings and of the experience of getting to these massive buildings. Every building within an urban environment has a certain approach, character, and exterior space that define it. These out-door functions are part of a different urban layer that are experienced around a building.    Read More »

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