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After the 50th in the USSR begins large-scale company against the excesses and architecture returns to the utilitarianism holding just the engineering status. Since then in the dwelling the tendencies of technological oversimplification are set. Widespread predominance of the typical planning and design (if I can use this term) formed special urban policy. It is characterized by massive construction of  new coarse areas of cheap prefab housing - machines for living. These monotone dull constructions are now the sleeping areas of Moscow and the whole Russia. All the rooms have the same sizes, you don’t even need to measure walls and floors, you just need to know the number of  sleeping rooms. What is more – over half of them are in emergent condition. The new dwellings are closely resembling the subject above. Buildings try to go as high as they can and that’s not because the lack of place. All these apartments are for middle class as well as for poor, to buy it an average person should work all his life only for the place to live.
At the same time we have Winter Olympic Games that cost 50 milliards of dollars, Moscow International Business Centre, Louis Vuitton’s suitcase on the Red Square and enormous shopping centres – the same suitcases for money.
It’s quiet early to speak about sustainability while narrow group of  people trying to change bits of system and corruption not falling in the same stream.

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