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Economics of Sustainability

Nowadays in different areas of human being, economics has a great importance. It is every where.
Every thing what is around you is a part of a big complex economy system.
That is one of difference between human and animal. Is a complex system of relationships. And  economy is one of that systems.What does it mean Economic system for Architects.

We can see that in different countries there are different economy conditions.
It influences on quality of food, water,  fuel,etc. And It influences on buildings also.
For architects it is quiet important to think about economy. Because when you (Architect) starts to work about project, you start from research.
Research suggests that you exploring everything in live around your future project.
When you get information you start to think how can you build your project, and you should think about who much could it coast.
Obviously It is really important to understand that modern world is rapidly goes straight forward.
Like people trying to produce a new biological fuel, that would be better than petroleum.
People trying to develop an alternative to different kind of materials and things, because we cant use nature resуrves indefinitely and
most of a products that human produce now are really heartfull for a nature.
I understand Economics of Sustainability as complex of details that we should use when we design a building.
Imagine that you are design a small country house for someone. You should start from what kind of materials you will use.
It is better to use a local products. For example wood.
Next Is  that 80% of sustainability achieved by the type of structure.
Of Course  to save money on electricity it is important to think  abou correct orientation of a building, by it is possible to increase quantity of a nature light.

All of the tips that you can use in design could help you to produce a better Sustainable situation around.
We should thing about it every time we sit down to work.



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