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React on the growth

To work with the complexity of the city we (as architects) have to know the value of all the underlying layers of the building environment; social, economic, political, and legal structure and related public policies, to make sure that our building and design are as powerful statements as possible. It is a fact that the cities are growing as never before. In 2050 will 75% of the population in the world live in the cities. So know how to best develop the new areas of the cities is even more important than ever. The growth is often driven by fast planning and projects like seen in many places like in Sao Paulo, where new areas, from their “birth”, is becoming a “dead end”, because they do not interact with the city. According to the first question, I do not believe one building by itself, can change much in the terms of improving urban sustainable growth. By placing an amazing sustainable building will not change enough to change the neighborhood. Read More »

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