No ; one cannot separate the building from the infrastructure of the city or the environment of the city. In my home town of Tehran there are examples of residential apartment buildings finished in white stucco. Given the fact that the city is highly polluted by carbon monoxide the buildings did not remain white for long.

In my country,Iran, To save energy in urban areas, the territorial, economic status, composition, texture and use of the land, it should be noted. Take the traditional architecture in the city and find the experience of using natural energy such as solar, wind and … Long been common. Using past experience can be used in the urban fabric of the natural energy from fossil fuel consumption due to reduced energy and helped to improve the quality of the residential environment of comfort and health. Therefore, the use of natural energies to harmonize with the environment, climate is the first step. Detail of an old principle of consistency in the architecture, whether in a single building complex or utilize. Each component of the overall plan we will outline to represent each of the components. It was originally designed to be compatible with a climate much use. Old cities, particularly in the context of what the desert can be effective in saving energy on the one hand there is the traditional architecture principles are consistent with climate And thus the use of appropriate materials, the environment, and on the other hand small and compact tissue adjacent homes and Retaining courtyard gave it up.


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