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Swirl Stone


The third and last Digital Fabrication assignment it’s done, our task was to revisit the famous Panot hexagonal cement floor tile designed by Gaudi in 1904 and generate our own design tile with new technologies like the CNC milling machine.

The task began with the development of the pattern as a three dimensional treatment of the top surface of the tile considering a height restriction, the channeling of water through the tile and the possible connection to our own or others tiles.

Our design was generated from two spirals, each in different direction, that meet in the center. This lines are then carefully projected to a cone that thanks to its slope water can be drained out. Also a special piece of wood is laser cut with the team’s fingerprints design to put it in the mold when casting to achieve an extra pattern.

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Swriling tower !


The principal goal of the project was to design an dynamic and transfiguring structure . The concept was to design joints which would allow parts of the structure to move, without reducing the overall structural integrity. The capability of motion using the joints was explored trying to enhance the aesthetic qualities.


Our thought process was to design a joint, which had the capability of motion of half circle to move within itself and transfigure into an variant structure .The initial study was to investigate the diverse resultant motion of  joint. The joint designed was an spwith slits with the other rods fitted in allowing  it to rotate on its axis at 180 degrees by taking advantage of the 3D printing technology .The bending properties of the pipe was explored and transforming the structure from a tower to swirling circular form. The 3D printing technology gave the opportunity to explore joints which resulted  in dynamic and kinectic changes in the form of the structure. Thus allowing the structure to transform from a tower to swirling circular form using rolling joints.


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The current trend in Architecture is to create light weight but stable structures of large heights with limited resources.

“The idea oscillates between stability and minimalism”

The project began with the investigation of the various types of possibilities in wooden joineries. It was amusing to discover the potential of 3mm thick plywood and the innumerable permutations possible, aided by a laser machine.
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