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milling [Converted]The milling exercise aimed to get a better understanding of the CNCmilling machine by fabricating and casting a floor tile. The process included designing the unit and its cast, setting up the parameters for the CNC and ultimately fabricate the tile.1461152_558322974248997_1725455472_n

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XYZ Twirl

XYZ Twirl


The main idea for our joint is to create a tower and manipulate its form in real time in order to achieve several different structures. It is formed by 4 rods in the middle which are the sustain of the tower and allow it to move up and down; then, other 6 on the outside, works as a all to create a structural “skin” or “facade”. Read More »

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Light is more

1st imageFirst Digital Fabrication Exercise is concluded. The school’s courtyard is now hosting the final towers made by laser cutting. Our final result is a free-standing structure that looks back at the building rationality and simplicity to reach the top. The structure has been first thought as an assembly of X shaped pieces. These pieces has been then optimized removing material and allowing in this way the soft bending. Some extra pieces drive the bending pathway creating a solid assembly, while others are arranged as crosses to avoid the horizontal movements. The overall composition looks thin and light as it was preferred to concentrate the material along the height only where necessary in order to get higher.

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