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Bermuda Tile – Shadows Brought to Life


IMG_6556 22

Is it possible to create shape with light? Can a hexagonal grid be disguised by casting light upon its tiles? This questions where the main drivers behind the Bermuda Tile concept. Creating a tile that at a simple glance would show little relief yet once was casted on it, a strong relief would be revealed and a completely different pattern would arise.

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XYZ Twirl

XYZ Twirl


The main idea for our joint is to create a tower and manipulate its form in real time in order to achieve several different structures. It is formed by 4 rods in the middle which are the sustain of the tower and allow it to move up and down; then, other 6 on the outside, works as a all to create a structural “skin” or “facade”. Read More »

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Twisted Sister


The concept for this tower arose from the vertical aggregation of identical pyramidal components at decreasing scales. The component itself was developed through the distortion of simple geometries to find opportunities for self-replication without the use of additional components. The slight distortion of the resulting pyramidal form creates multi-planar vertices that can be utilized for vertical expansion. A simple stacking method generated a tall tower and presented an intriguing combination of height and density.

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