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By placing three circles and drawing the tangent lines connected to the tile’s predefined edge canals, we managed to create a  chaotic   grid system of intersections. Piping the lines with variable width provides the desired water flow effect, while the complexity of the final outcome makes each tile cooperate with its adjacent ones, in a way that their edges are diminished.
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The Spiroball


The basic concept behind the whole design was to have dynamism in a vertical design by using one single element, and the possibility of this element to either move in the vertical axis so as to either merge the vertical rods inwards or expand them outwards or rotate the element in horizontal axis creating a spire effect in the vertical rods. Read More »

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The project initiated with the pentagonal base-sides 30 cm (given). The very idea of understanding the properties of 3 mm thick plywood i.e bending, twisting, stretching etc through the joinery details. Read More »

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