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The Illusionist


We designed our tile using hexagons that create undulations on the surface such that they form concave-convex surfaces. The forms seem to interchange, creating an illusion. When the liquid is poured on the tile it flows to the valleys and dips which contains it and creates an opposite effect as the tile itself does before it flows to the adjacent tiles. Looking at it, is it concave? or concave?  Read More »

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group 23


The aim of the exercise was to create a dynamic form with minimal number of simple joints. A dynamic structure was designed with only three types of 3D printed joints ie; 1) roller-joints 2) sliders and 3) and perforated ring. The whole structure was made to take advantage of the bending properties of the fiber rod. Read More »

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Triagon- Digital Fabrication Laser Cutter


Triagon is a combination of triangles and a penthagons coexisting in the same structure.

The goal of this first Digital Fabrication project was to build a tower out of 4 board of 3mm plywood while exploring the properties of the material and to acquaint ourselves with laser cutting.

The Triagon stands 2.7m tall. The structure is made out of a single 180° twisted plywood elements which works in tension along with the joints to form an equilateral triangle which is the basic unit of the tower. Read More »

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