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By placing three circles and drawing the tangent lines connected to the tile’s predefined edge canals, we managed to create a  chaotic   grid system of intersections. Piping the lines with variable width provides the desired water flow effect, while the complexity of the final outcome makes each tile cooperate with its adjacent ones, in a way that their edges are diminished.
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The Disk

steps copy

Our line of thought was to design a joint, which had the ability to move within itself and control the motion of the resultant structure and not just provide the structural support. The exploration trials were of the various possibilities in which the motion of the joint was the result of the structure to be designed and not the structure as the resultant of the joint.

In the final design, the bending properties of the pipe were used in the form of a circle that gives the circular form to the entire structure. The 3D printing technology gave us the chance to explore Joints which could result in dynamic changes in the form of the structure.

A flat disk opening out into a complete cylindrical structure.

compose IMG_20131119_173932

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El Diamante


The assignment was to build a tower, tall, freestanding, with no extra elements, using four 840x400mm 3mm thick Plywood sheets.

The initial thought process was to achieve height by eliminating vertical elements and reducing the amount of wastage of material. To create stabilitiy and variation a “RING MODULE” with 5 nodal points was designed which could be generated 2 on each board. The remaining material was designed to be the “DIAMOND CONNECTORS” connecting the horizontal rings.  Read More »

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