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The design idea used to create the tile was a method of force fields. In creating this seamless pattern multiple spin forces were merged together and the effect of field lines was extended for better visualization and incorporation into the water evacuation system.


Force fields working with a different set of constraining circles.

Every line of the system is represented as an “escaping” curve. Each point tries to get away from the force field quickly, leaving those paths behind and creating the data tree structure. By playing with parameters like length, force, radius, distance in between, we could create a controlled distortion according to these field lines and force center.

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In the design process we aimed to experiment with different types of assembly. Each rode finishes with a sphere which arrives to a central assembly point.

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bonitaThe concept of the tower was to experiment with the flexibility of the wood and its thresholds of bending as the main tension force.

The whole structure is assembled of equal triangular bending modules. The modules are using the orientation of the wood’s fibers to enable small radii. The bending’s direction is perpendicular to the fibers’ direction, which means that we are not working against the material and the whole structure gains rigidity.  Read More »

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