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DSC_3842 schemeThe exploration of the natural forms in the Catalan Modernism has been conceived with the water. In this tile the flow becomes both form and function. The organic form and natural topography seem to be the results of the natural shaping process the sea water produces by touching upon the sand bed. The topography of the tile represents the dualism between liquid and solid: what was once a product of the water flow now is the pathway which drives the water to some constrained estuaries. Tile by tile the continuos and smooth submarine environment takes form within the water and sand.

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Digital Fabrication – Exercise 3D Printing

Group 22: Gökhan Çatıkkaş, Juhi Patel, Sebastian Alvarado

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500 Joints High Tower

The initial idea was to cut the wood in strips and develope a three-dimensional structure by joining them, in order to minimize wastage and take advantage of the natural properties of plywood. The concept stems from native basket weaving techniques which can be used as a structural system to develope different kind of three-dimensional volumes. Firstly, we experimented the material properties for warping, bending, joining and twisting. We tried strips with different lenght, width and fiber directions to find the best performance of the structure. After assembling the main grid, we reinforced the tower with longer pieces gradually. We discovered that the joinery we designed gave the structure possiblity to grow in height by pulling it in the longitudinal axis, and the diameter was contracted. We could get the opposite effect of expansion of the diameter resulting in a shorter tower. The form has the flexibilty of changing the shape without any adverse effect on the structure.


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