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In this tiled surface design, the pathways channeling water tangentially branch off 3 (repeated) closed loops. Each of these 3 geometric loops are radially-symmetrical about a combinatory corner of the original hexagonal tile. The three loops have 3 different scales of visual prominence. In the least prominent of the 3, the loop becomes secondary to the web of tangent paths surrounding it.

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In the design process we aimed to experiment with different types of assembly. Each rode finishes with a sphere which arrives to a central assembly point.

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Twisted Sister


The concept for this tower arose from the vertical aggregation of identical pyramidal components at decreasing scales. The component itself was developed through the distortion of simple geometries to find opportunities for self-replication without the use of additional components. The slight distortion of the resulting pyramidal form creates multi-planar vertices that can be utilized for vertical expansion. A simple stacking method generated a tall tower and presented an intriguing combination of height and density.

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