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The Illusionist


We designed our tile using hexagons that create undulations on the surface such that they form concave-convex surfaces. The forms seem to interchange, creating an illusion. When the liquid is poured on the tile it flows to the valleys and dips which contains it and creates an opposite effect as the tile itself does before it flows to the adjacent tiles. Looking at it, is it concave? or concave?  Read More »

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Malleable Planes

Stage 1 & 2

Stage 1 & 2

GroupTEN approached brief of the 3D printing excersize with a vision to create a kinetic, 3-Dimensional form, exploiting all of the properties of the given materials. This was no doubt the approach taken by all other groups. So what made us different?

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Ece Tankal – Akanksha Rathee – Dhwani Patel

The simple module unit is designed to create a curvilinear structure with linear wooden elements. Each unit comes together to form circles of eight or ten with joints possible in multiple dimensions. These unit circles create numerous possibilities of iterations with a vertical stacking of spheres. The curves can be manipulated in two half circles joined in opposite directions to increase the flexibility of experimentation.

We tested the stability of the structure through multiple options and the final result is a balance between the height and weight distribution of the spheres. The resulting structure is extremely light and is supported only by 4 laser cut pieces. This also gives us the advantage of reaching a larger height with less material because of the porous nature of the design.

6_final      2_final      4_final      5_final

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