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Pre-Columbian Tile


 We started looking for inspirational graphics that allowed us to generate a pattern according to the constraints.

A design based on abstract diagrams and Pre-Columbian mythological animals is our model to explore and create that unknown connection between multiple tiles, as in tile Dali, our example as a starting point.




Having a mosaic depicting a suggestive shape, but the uncertainty of what the shape is going to be after the accommodation of the tiles is a mental-unexpected game product of the positioning and abstraction.


Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 3.14.40 PMScreen Shot 2013-12-04 at 3.13.42 PM

2013-11-28|Barcelona|352013-11-29|Barcelona|20Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 3.14.40 PMDSC_6875rompecabezas precolombinosPrecolombien3Renata de Castro | Asif Rahman | Gustavo Triana


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Red Boots

“Kinetic Red Boots”

Group 7

The main idea of our design was to create a static structure that could be converted into a kinetic structure exploiting the properties of the material tension and bending. Based on a single figure and repeating it twice, the goal was to create a sense of depth from the horizontal. We made the design of three different nodes or joints that would allow us our idealized objectives:



1) The cross- its main feature would be  join two elements in counterclockwise and prevent the buckling of these elements due to bending that would occur by elements located in the top.

2 ) The inverted K- the most important and central Union of the structure, which would be in contact with most of the bars , enabling the desired deflection at the main arch and in turn become a free joint along arc , allowing the structure due to the tension of one side to the other , moving from left to right , opposite directions.

3) The sucker – Due of its four arms this binding would give rigidity to the structure and in turn the union of the three individual structures, holding the rods and causing the tension and compression in these once started moving in both directions .


1455117_10151835550089226_1373106490_n peerfect


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Digital Crown

01 jpg

The structure is a simple constructive assembly system that allows us to experiment in a single object multiple and different types of joints and their possible variations/combinations that became our primary research, seeking to minimise waste.

The pentagonal footprint force us to generate horizontal elements that are connected by various elements in the vertical direction. The combination of both, horizontal and vertical parts is what generates height increase and stabilisation of the system when connected.

We also explored the void as an integral element in our structure, which reduces weight and helps with the distribution of the different parts to achieve an effective balance in our structure.

The result is, when unassembled; a compact structure system, easy to pack and transport,  extremely easy and quick to assemble based on the interlocking, bending, sectioning and clipping joints experimented and tested in different models and digital joinery. When assembled, is also stable and can be manipulated without the risk to be destroy.

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