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Topography Faces



As the purpose of the exercise was to create tile pieces to cover the school’s patio floor, we decide to create an image concept to represent what we think is the essence of the school and the advance architecture at Iaac: The students. Read More »

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Digital Fabrication – 3D Printing – The Rollercoaster

Rollercoaster Configuration

Rollercoaster Configuration

The idea of Rollercoaster was to achieve two configurations by sliding and locking into position the joints fabricated in the 3D printer. Four joints were created by twisting a pipe which would be joined with itself to create different angles of sliding as well as different amounts of cables running through. This joints would then be coupled with each other by a female-male joint that, aided by the tension of the wire, would lock in place. The different configurations would be achieved by clipping different joints together and sliding the wires to change the inflection point.

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iaacblog front image

This tower was conceived by the exploration on the material and it’s stress and bending capabilities. The design process started out by testing the best of wood’s properties; tension. A component was created to explore the strength and limits of bending and twisting and the possibilities of clipping and holding under tensile strength. Several prototypes were created until one final component which combined the best bending and stretching behavior with simple and versatile clipping 6

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