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milling [Converted]The milling exercise aimed to get a better understanding of the CNCmilling machine by fabricating and casting a floor tile. The process included designing the unit and its cast, setting up the parameters for the CNC and ultimately fabricate the tile.1461152_558322974248997_1725455472_n

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digifabpresentation-01.jpgThe goal of the 3d printing exercise was to create a dynamic assembly of plastic rods that will be connected with each other using a 3d printed component. The resulting structure should take advantage of the properties of the materials and use that to create movement and interaction.digifabpresentation-01.jpg

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2.0 to 4.6

coverThe laser cutting exercise was focused on designing a vertical structure generated by a system of different components with the use of 4 mm plywood boards (840×300 mm) and to obtain the highest structure possible.

The first experiments started trying to make use of a single repeating element that could generate a stable structure. While this approach was rich in stability and had the advantage of very little material waste, it had the disadvantage of not being able to reach impressive heights.   Read More »

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